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Your Key to Off-Market

The OMKey App helps Homebuyers, Investor/Flippers, and Realtors find off-market property leads days, weeks or even months before they hit the market.


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Your Real Estate Search Just Got Smarter





Mark and Abby are on the early years of building their family.

With their third baby on the way, finding the perfect home for their growing family has never been harder. Their movement was also severely limited due to Abby's pregnancy plus the pandemic taking its toll.

Every house they found was quickly unavailable or outbid beyond their budget.

With OMKey app, Mark and Abby can find their dream home with a few swipes on their phone and before it even hits the market!!!


Peter is a young entrepreneur who has just ventured into real estate flipping.

Being unseasoned, Peter is having a hard time securing homes to flip. He was spending several hours a day to watch out for potential MLS listings.

However, the competition remains intensive as ever. With OMKey app, Peter unlocks better opportunities as he gains access to off-market property leads, 24/7!

Peter gets notified through OMKey app whenever there is a new lead, giving him more time to focus on house flipping itself instead of the sourcing process.

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Stella is a dedicated and hard-working real estate agent.


However, despite her remarkable work ethic she could not seem to always get the right real estate leads. What's more, other agents seem to be always one step ahead of her in connecting with home sellers.


With OMKey app, Stella gains advantage among her peers as she can just browse for off-market property leads from the palm of her hand!


What's more, Stella can strategically plan her moves as she sorts which off-market property leads have better potentials, all with the aid of OMKey app!!!

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“OMKey has been my greatest partner when it comes to off-market property sourcing! Extremely easy to use and very very very useful!!”



Open doors to NEW opportunities. FIRST.

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Experience the OMKey

Advantage for FREE

Enjoy OMKey and its user friendly functionality by downloading the app from App Store. Create your profile and start your OMKey journey today! 


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Your Key to Off-Market Properties

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The revolutionary property sourcing app

No credit card needed           Download for Free

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